Stochastic Depth Buffer Compression using Generalized Plane Encoding

Magnus Andersson
Lund University /
Intel Corporation

Jacob Munkberg
Intel Corporation

Tomas Akenine-Möller
Lund University /
Intel Corporation

To appear in Eurographics 2013.


In this paper, we derive compact representations of the depth function for a triangle undergoing motion or defocus blur. Unlike a static primitive, where the depth function is planar, the depth function is a rational function in time and the lens parameters. Furthermore, we show how these compact depth functions can be used to design an efficient depth buffer compressor/decompressor, which significantly lowers total depth buffer bandwidth usage for a range of test scenes. In addition, our compressor/decompressor is simpler in the number of operations needed to execute, which makes our algorithm more amenable for hardware implementation than previous methods.


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