Supervised Master's theses

Joakim Persson:
Requirements for an Interactive Logging Framework,
summary, report, December 2005.

This thesis deals with increasing requirements for logging of embedded devices, especially mobile platforms. The main problem is how to handle increasing data flows from many independent software modules within a mobile phone, without sacrificing efficiency for both the embedded device and for the testers and developers. The challenge is the migration from the straight- forward logging - with printed text strings - to a binary log format where the information can be used to trigger events and to represent data in a more readable way, preferably with a standardized tool. Focus has been on log information that is related to signaling for WCDMA ("3G") radio signaling, which can be hard to represent and can also potentially generate a lot of log data information in a short period of time.

The experiments show promising results, but also a need for reengineering the log tool framework on the PC side. There are problems with both maximum data flow and latency, which means that it will be difficult to use the existing interfaces for high-speed logging. However, on the bright side it is likely that the interfaces on the User Equipment side are sufficiently advanced to allow logging with performance enough to satisfy the test requirements, and the thesis finishes with the actions needed to achieve this.

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