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Software Configuration Management in 90 minutes

Software Configuration Management (SCM) is taught only at a few universities in the world. I know of two where it is a course of its own. Most often it is a single lecture (or less) as a part of a general course in software engineering - if it is taught at all. The most frequent "excuse" I hear for this regretful state is that there is a lack of knowledge and good teaching material.

I have decided to try to do something to remove that excuse.

I have developed teaching material for a short introduction to SCM that can be integrated in another course. The basis is a two-hour lecture and it can be extended with a two-hour version control lab and/or a two-hour exercise session. My "package" includes reading material, lecture slides and - if extended - a lab description and/or exercise questions.

The course has been given at universities in Norway, Denmark and Sweden in different variants.

The next instantiations of the course will be given in:

Author (and lecturer the first time the course is given): Lars Bendix.

This course has a "bigger brother" (7.5 ECTS) that is given at Lund University, Sweden:

And an "older sibling" (1 ECTS):

Updated August 2, 2022