Software Configuration Management and DevOps

A joint research effort between Christian Pendleton (Eficode/Praqma AB) and Lars Bendix ( / Lund University).

The initiating problem that aroused our curiosity was that often it seems that DevOps and traditional software configuration management (SCM) is a mismatch. Like children and parents apparently they don't understand each other. As "die-hard" SCM people we know that all types of projects need configuration management. So how can we reconsile SCM and DevOps so they live together happily ever after?

Projects are not alike and there is no single "one size fits all" SCM that will work in all contexts and for all development methods. DevOps projects probably need SCM done in a different way and operationally by different (non-SCM) people - but how to do that seemed like an interesting question to pursue?
So the purpose of the project is to explore and investigate the following research questions:

Present activities:

Past activities:

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Various resources related to SCM in the context of DevOps.

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