Analytical Motion Blur Rasterization with Compression

Carl Johan Gribel
Lund University

Michael Doggett
Lund University

Tomas Akenine-Möller
Lund University and Intel Corporation

High-Performance Graphics, June 2010.


We present a rasterizer, based on time-dependent edge equations, that computes analytical visibility in order to render accurate motion blur. The theory for doing the computations in a rasterization framework is derived in detail, and then implemented. To keep the frame buffer requirements low, we also present a new oracle-based compression algorithm for the time intervals. Our results are promising in that high quality motion blurred scenes can be rendered using a rasterizer with rather low memory requirements. Our resulting images contain motion blur for both opaque and transparent objects.


An author generated version of the paper. [pdf 2.5 MB]

Movie. [quicktime mov 20.9 MB]

Longer Jello movie.[quicktime mov 13.9 MB]


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