Texture Space Caching and Reconstruction for Ray Tracing

Jacob Munkberg

Jon Hasselgren

Petrik Clarberg

Magnus Andersson

Tomas Akenine-Möller

ACM Transactions on Graphics, vol. 35, no 6. (SIGGRAPH Asia), 2016.


We present a texture space caching and reconstruction system for Monte Carlo ray tracing. Our system gathers and filters shading on-demand, including querying secondary rays, directly within a filter footprint around the current shading point. We shade on local grids in texture space with primary visibility decoupled from shading. Unique filters can be applied per material, where any terms of the shader can be chosen to be included in each kernel. This is a departure from recent screen space image reconstruction techniques, which typically use a single, complex kernel with a set of large auxiliary guide images as input. We show a number of high- performance use cases for our system, including interactive denoising of Monte Carlo ray tracing with motion/defocus blur, spatial and temporal shading reuse, cached product importance sampling, and filters based on linear regression in texture space.


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