Error-bounded Lossy Compression of of Floating-Point Color Buffers using Quadtree Decomposition

Jim Rasmusson
Lund University /
Ericsson Research

Jacob Ström
Ericsson Research

Tomas Akenine-Möller
Lund University

Visual Computer 2009


In this paper, we present a new color buffer compression algorithm for floating-point buffers. It can operate in either an approximate (lossy) mode or in an exact (lossless) mode. The approximate mode is error-bounded and the amount of introduced accumulated error is controlled via a few parameters. The core of the algorithm lies in an efficient representation and color space transform, followed by a hierarchical prediction and Golomb-Rice encoding. We believe this is the first lossy compression algorithm for floating-point buffers, and our results indicate significantly reduced color buffer bandwidths and negligible visible artifacts.


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