Supervised Master's theses

Marcus Hilliges:
Remodelling the Software Development Life-Cycle using combinations from Scrum and Extreme Programming: A case study about using components from two agile frameworks to shape development processes,
summary, report, June 2017.


The purpose of the study is to have increased clarity from a real-world case in what the possible benefits and risks are when combining two popular agile development frameworks. Many studies have been focused towards evaluating agile methodologies individually, but few have looked at the benefits and risks of combining them. The paper seeks to understand why a combination would be more beneficial from a theoretical standpoint by referencing the software development life-cycle model. Two combinations built on elements from Scrum and Extreme Programming are assessed and researched throughout the paper. The author will try to prove whether the agile combinations performs better than a stand-alone implementation and to identify key components that make a combination successful.

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