Supervised Master's theses

Hanna H÷jbert, Elias Vernersson:
Using DevOps to Improve Feedback and Traceability for Performance in Software Development,
summary, report, April 2022.


Poor performance of an application can cause many different problems, one of them being a poor user experience. Making sure an application is performing well is, however, not trivial and often involves relaying feedback to developers either from testing or production monitoring. Providing developers with adequate, accurate and timely feedback about the performance of an application is a considerable challenge. Today there are two approaches, monitoring the production environment and solve the issues as they are identified or testing for performance by writing performance testing suites. However, monitoring the production environment provides slow feedback and writing extensive test suites is expensive.

We therefore formulated a requirements specification with the help of developers for an automated tool. We then investigated and implemented a prototype based on the requirements that aims at providing developers with additional information about the application performance by monitoring an already existing unit testing suite.

The conclusions of the research is that the prototype could improve performance issue identification for developers before releasing into production and thereby improve the feedback loop.

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