Lars Bendix, Jacob Gradén, Anna Stĺhl, Andreas Göransson:
Analysis of Issues with Industrial-Strength Composition for Component-Based Systems, pdf
Technical Report, Department of Computer Science, Lund University, Sweden, February 2010.

A component-based approach can reduce time and costs for creating new products. However, the flexibility in composing products from a base of components is not without problems. Complexity increases in the composition process when combining many components to one large system - in particular because components may also exist in several versions or variants. Furthermore, there are many different stakeholders involved in the creation of new products and they all work at different levels of granularity of the product.

We identify use cases for each involved stakeholder. From those we derive a set of issues to a high-level common model (and tool) that can be used by the many different people involved in creating, handling and using products. In this way it will be possible to unify their different needs in a common framework.

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