EDAP15 Program Analysis (formerly EDA045F)

Course facts

Credits:7.5 hp, Advanced level

Study period: LP2 2020

Room: online, check the Moodle for URLs

Time and date: Mondays 10:15 and Wednesdays 15:15, starting 2020-11-02

Course responsible: Christoph Reichenbach

Teaching Assistant: Noric Couderc

Student representatives: Karl-Oskar Rikås

Final Exam:2021-01-15ff, oral exams (tentative)

Materials: slides, video recordings, textbook (for download)

Online office hours: Tuesdays 15:30 (during the semster), same Zoom channel as lectures

Previous course instance: 2018 (given as PhD course EDA045F)

Final Exam: Oral, starting 2021-01-15




Program analysis is the foundation for most modern software tools, such as compilers, bug checkers, just-in-time optimisers, refactoring engines, and IDEs. In this course we will explore three central program analysis techniques: type inference, dataflow analysis, and dynamic program analysis.

The course format includes lectures (parts of the course may be in "flipped classroom format", tbd) and homework exercises that emphasise practical program analysis tasks. You will work in groups of two.

PhD students taking the course may contact me to discuss alternative homework exercises that better fit their research interests.