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Procedural Cities
Master Thesis Project in computer graphics



   This master thesis explores the possibilites and potentials of using a procedural approch based on L-systems to generate virtual cities. This report will show that our system, the ProCity Engine, can generate a pattern of streets and highways, divide land into allotments, and create appropraite buildings depending on the size and location of the corresponding lot. All this with only minimal input data in the form of a few image-maps and a couple of parameters.

    For the creation of the pattern of streets and highways, as well as for the creation of buildings, L-systems have been extended to allow for external functions to modify the result after each iteration. The functionality of these L-systems can be separated from the ProCity Engine and used in its own right for other purposes.

   The final stage of the master thesis consists of incorporating the ProCity Engine with an open source game engine, Crystal Space, to visualize the results of the generation process.