Particle effects in interactive environments
- using shader technology

MSc Thesis
Lund University

Jakob Schyberg
Southend Interactive AB

Advisor:  Lennart Ohlsson

Supervisor: Jon Hasselgren

Completed: 2007-05-15



A study on how to create visually appealing particle effects for interactive 3D-applications such as computer games, using a shader-application approach. Simplicity and efficiency are the primary goals. This report is intended to be written in a platform-independent manner, however, examples are tested on a Direct X-based platform.

If you are curious on how shader technology can be used to create particle effects, you are the target reader of this paper. It should also be interesting for programmers seeking inspiration within the subject as well as understandable and informative for those who are completely new to particle effects.

It is recommended that the reader is familiar with the shader concept and has experience within 3D computer graphics development.


Presentation (Swedish)