Master thesis, computer graphics

Nature environments with real time graphics


Our master thesis deals with computer graphics, more exactly techniques for creation of outdoor

environments. We have concentrated upon studying, comparing and testing of various

methods for visualizing of vegetation with pictorial boards, so-called billboards, and polygon

models. The tool for this has been Crystal Space, an open source program for development of

games, supplied with a plugin created by us. Into that plugin we have implemented techniques

for setting out trees and other types of plants, represented by billboards or polygon models,

inside an area on a landscape surface. In addition we have implemented a technique for transition

between a polygon model and a billboard in form of a turning picture board. Our tests

have demonstrated a turning picture board to be the best among the billboard types and also

that transition far away from an observer, between a polygon model and a turning picture

board, can be made invisible with the blending transition technique we have implemented.


Some pictures from our demo program:



Some links:

Our rapport in swedish:                                                            Rapport.pdf,

A page with links to some interesting

webpages regaurding nature environments:                                Nature links

A page with links to the documents that

we found on the web:                                                              Web documents


The demo:

The demo is made with Crystal Space, version 0.94.

Download the zip-file, read the readme file, and enjoy.


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