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BEST Summer course 2005

TNE701: Robot Design

(or: Mars exploration with Beagle 3)

To the left you have a menu with answers to the most important questions (What is the course about, When is it held, Where, How do I run the lab software environment, etc.) Below you will find urgent notices and updates of information. Please mail me if anything is unclear.
  • NEW! The map for 2005 has been released. (Wednesday, 10/8)
  • The updated contest rules for 2005 (version 1.1) are made public. Check the left menu. (Tuesday, 9/8)
  • A new link to a NQC API description is available on the links page (thanks to Steffan Löffler). (Tuesday, 9/8)
  • Some copies of the slides I have contibuted to (and links to slides of other authors that I use during the lectures) are available on the Readings page. (Thursday, 28/7)
  • Much more info should be available now. However, a couple of details will wait until the middle of the first week: contest definition (it will depend on you, the course participants) and setup of BrickOS software (I have still problems with getting it work cleanly). So far the target software will be MacNQC alternatively LeJOS. (Thursday, 28/7)
  • The main page is here. Some details are still to be filled in the menu items. (Thursday, 28/7)
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