Stochastic Rasterization using Time-Continuous Triangles
Tomas Akenine-Möller
Lund University

Jacob Munkberg
Lund University

Jon Hasselgren
Lund University

Graphics Hardware 2007


We present a novel algorithm for stochastic rasterization, which can rasterize triangles with attributes depending on a parameter, t, varying continuously from t=0 to t=1 inside a single frame. This can be used to render motion blur. We develop efficient techniques for rasterizing our primitive, and specialized sampling and filtering algorithms for improved image quality. Our algorithm needs some new hardware mechanisms implemented on top of today's graphics hardware pipelines. However, our algorithm can leverage on much of the already existing hardware units in contemporary GPUs, which makes the implementation fairly inexpensive. By using time-dependent textures, we show that motion blurred shadows and motion blurred reflections can be handled in our framework. In addition, we also present new techniques for efficient rendering of depth of field and glossy planar reflections using our stochastic rasterizer.


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