Master Thesis Seminar: Automatic Merging of Specification Documents in a Parallel Development Environment

Date: December 15, 2008 (Monday) at 13:00

Rickard Böttcher och Linus Karnland presenterar sitt examensarbete "Automatic Merging of Specification Documents in a Parallel Development Environment"


Version control is today an important concept in the field of software development. One of the key features is the ability to have several developers concurrently working on the same file and then automatically merge the different versions. Rational ClearCase is one of todays major version control tools and is used at the department of process management at Cybercom Group Sweden South AB. ClearCase supports automatic merging of source code, however merging of specification documents must be performed manually. This master thesis investigates the possibility of automatically merging specification documents as well. We will identify the main problems with manual merging and propose a solution that performs the merging automatically with as little user interaction as possible. The solution is based on a three-way merge-algorithm which identifies the differences between two specification documents and uses the information obtained to perform the merge. We also present a prototype that implements the merge-algorithm and is integrated into ClearCase.

Room: E:2405

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