LUCAS-seminar: Dataflow programming for hardware and software

Date: November 12, 2008 (Wednesday) at 13:15

Jörn Janneck från Xilinx till LTH håller seminariet "Dataflow programming for hardware and software"

"The data flow programming paradigm is resurfacing as a viable solution for certain sets of parallel applications. Originally being devised in the late 60s as a means to address parallel programming, it has a rich history of research and interesting results. Dr. Jörn Janneck, who has been working with data flow tools for HDL generation at Xilinx for several years, will talk about the Open Dataflow framework (OpenDF), the CAL Actor Language and why data flow may succeed where other high level approaches such a C-to-gates are destined to fail."

Room: Reglertekniks seminarierum, 2 vån M-huset

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