Gästföreläsing: Multicore Architectures - Programming Obstacles and Future Trends

Date: October 17, 2008 (Friday) at 10:00

Professor Per Stenstrom (Chalmers University of Technology, Nema Labs AB) håller en gästföreläsning om det nu pågående paradigmskiftet till multicores (som sista föreläsning i kursen optimerande kompilatorer).

Han kommer också att prata något om sitt start-up www.nemalabs.com vars hemsida har rubriken "Automated software threading products by Nema Labs".


Multicore Architectures: Programming Obstacles and Future Trends


In this lecture I will first focus on the reasons for the paradigm shift to multicore computers. I will then introduce the design space of multicore architectures and elaborate on the major challenges ahead of us to scale them to large core counts.

The rest of the talk will be devoted to future research trends. Apart from discussing the major challenges at the architecture side of hardware/software interface, I will focus on the most challenging problem which is how to make all the software out there threaded. One vision is to radically change the abstraction to the software. As a good starting point in that direction, I will talk about transactional memory. Finally, I will also give some glimpses on what my start-up company is doing to help threading legacy code.

Room: E:B

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