LUCAS-rummet E:4130

Master Thesis Seminar: Java on a Linux Mobile Phone - Sharing a Virtual Machine

Date: June 18, 2008 (Wednesday) at 15:15

Torbjörn Andersson presenterar sitt exjobb "Java on a Linux Mobile Phone -
Sharing a Virtual Machine".

Java has gained a lot of popularity in the world of mobile devices. However,
up until now, most devices have used limited versions of Java such as Java
ME. Along with increasing computing power in modern high-end mobile phones,
some recent initiatives have proposed software stacks for mobile devices
where Java is a central part used for all applications. In these cases, more
advanced Java versions are suggested. This report investigates aspects of
running Java SE on mobile Linux devices, with special focus on situations
where many applications can be expected to run simultaneously. A
multi-tasking Java environment where independent applications execute in a
shared virtual machine is proposed and technologies for achieving this are
investigated. A prototype system, designed entirely in Java as a middle layer
between the Java Virtual Machine and the applications, is described. The main
concept used in the prototype, classloader-based isolation, is described in
detail along wit!
h the problems associated with it and possible solutions for these problems.
It is shown by the prototype that major savings of memory footprint can be
achieved by using it in cases where multiple Java applications are run
simultaneously. Improvements of application startup time was not achieved by
the prototype, but the possibility of such improvements is investigated in
the report. Also, the potential of increased performance when using
inter-process communication techniques within a virtual machine compared to
communication between operating system processes is described.

Room: LUCAS-rummet E:4130

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