Master Thesis Seminar: Performance evaluation of DirectX 10 capable hardware using particle systems

Date: June 04, 2008 (Wednesday) at 10:15

Miroslaw Cholewinski presenterar sitt examensarbete "Performance evaluation of DirectX 10 capable hardware using particle systems".


Programmable graphics cards have reached near ubiquity in real-time computer graphics applications, video en-/decoding, and visualization tools. Since their introduction in 2001, GPUs have evolved from only supporting very short, simple programs to high-performance parallel processors supporting advanced flow-control and high-precision data types.

This thesis aims to investigate the programmable power and performance of the latest GPU generation. To achieve this, several applications have
been constructed. In particular, the focus has been to map the performance characteristics of the geometry shader introduced in DirectX
10. We have compared several effects implemented in DirectX 10 with equivalent implementations in DirectX 9.

Room: E:2405

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