AI seminar: From Programs to Solvers; Models and Techniques for General Intelligence

Date: May 28, 2008 (Wednesday) at 10:15

Speaker: Prof. Hector Geffner (Barcelona, Spain)

Title: From Programs to Solvers; Models and Techniques for General Intelligence


Over the last 20 years, a significant change has occurred in AI research as many researchers have moved from the early AI paradigm of writing programs for ill-defined problems to writing solvers for well-defined mathematical models such as Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Strips Planning, SAT, Bayesian Networks and Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes. Solvers are programs that take a compact description of a particular model instance (a planning problem, a CSP instance, and so on) and automatically compute its solution. Unlike the early AI programs, solvers are general as they must deal with any problem that fits the model. This presents a crisp computationally challenge: how to make these solvers scale up to large and interesting problems given that all these models are intractable in the worst case. Work in these areas has uncovered techniques that accomplish this by automatically recognizing and exploiting the structure of the problem at hand, My goal in this talk is to articulate this research agenda, to go over some of ideas that underlie these techniques, and to show the relevance of these models and techniques to those interested in models of general intelligence and human cognition.

Room: E:2405

URL: http://ai.cs.lth.se/seminars.shtml

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