LUCAS-rummet E:4130

Presentation: Declarative Intraprocedural Flow Analysis of Java Source Code

Date: March 28, 2008 (Friday) at 09:15 to March 17 (Monday)

Emma Nilsson Nyman kommer att hålla en presentation av artikeln "Declarative Intraprocedural Flow Analysis of Java Source Code" (Emma Nilsson-Nyman, Torbjörn Ekman, Görel Hedin, Eva Magnusson)

We have implemented intraprocedural control-flow and data-flow analysis of Java source code in a declarative manner, using reference attribute grammars augmented with circular attributes and collection attributes. Our implementation is built on top of the JastAdd Extensible Java Compiler and we have run the analyses on medium-sized Java programs. We show how the analyses can be built using small concise composable modules, and how they provide extensible frameworks for further source code analyses. Preliminary measurements indicate that there is little difference in execution time between our declarative data-flow analysis and an imperative implementation.

Room: LUCAS-rummet E:4130

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