Master Thesis Seminar: Evaluation of automated design testing using Alloy

Date: September 24, 2007 (Monday) at 13:15

Johannes Andersson presents his master thesis work:
Evaluation of automated design testing using Alloy

An abundance of tools and notations are available to help software designers
in their work, but few of these can provide any form of analysis of a design
or verify that desired properties are upheld. During the last decade
however, some progress towards machine assisted verification of design has
been made. A combined design notation and analysis tool called Alloy is
evaluated. Alloy is used to study an existing piece of software in
development at a telecommunications company and is then evaluated according
to how useful it can be from a perspective of cost versus benefit in an
industry context. Both the process of learning and applying Alloy is
studied. It is concluded that it can be quite time consuming, and thus
costly, to learn Alloy unassisted. It is also concluded that the benefits
when studying a pre-existing design with Alloy are sharply constrained by
that design. That is, if there are few clear design abstractions to test,
and a redesign is not made, or the scope of the study changed, then the
benefit of using Alloy is found to be minimal.

Room: E:1426

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