AI seminar: Neural network models of tactile perception together with three robot hands

Date: May 24, 2007 (Thursday) at 13:15

Speaker: Magnus Johnsson, LUCS and AI@CS

Do you want to know more about robot hands, self-organizing neural
networks and artificial systems with capacity to learn to categorize
objects according to size and shape as well as to discriminate
individual objects by exploring them with robot hands? Then this
seminar is for you. I will talk about my efforts to develop
bio-inspired haptic perception in robots. Haptic perception means that
active exploration of the objects is employed to gather the tactile
information. My research includes the design and implementation of
robot hands equipped with tactile sensors as well as the bio-inspired
computational systems that learns to recognize and categorize the
objects. Since I'm a cognitive scientist my systems are heavily
inspired by the current knowledge of the working of the human nervous
system. The seminar will provide a review of what has been done so far
in this project.

Room: E:2405

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