Master Thesis Seminar: Integrated Development Environment for User Interface Development and Customization for Mobile Platforms

Date: May 09, 2007 (Wednesday) at 13:15

Manfred Nilsson och Love Löfdahl presenterar sitt examensarbete inom automatiserad testning.

Johan Ranefors presenterar sitt examensarbete:
Integrated Development Environment for User Interface Development and Customization for Mobile Platforms
utfört vid Ericsson.

Today, customization and theme handling for mobile phones are demanded by the operators, because the same mobile platform is used to create mobile phones from different brands, who all want to create unique and appealing products. At the same time consistent user interface design within a brand becomes more important and it is not only the question of putting a logo on the product that achieves the appealing brand. Increasingly faster time-to-market requirements lead to the need for computer aid in the development. At Ericsson, Eclipse is used for user interface development. Eclipse has some visual aid for graphical design, but none that gives that is needed.

To both get faster time-to-market and branding of the mobile phones is impossible to meet at the same time today because the following three roblems: user interface information in the mobile phone is hard coded, information is often mixed with the C-code, and the build times to get feedback during design are too high. During the master thesis these problems where solved.

This master thesis has two objectives: to produce an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) prototype and to plan the development for a commercial sable IDE. For production and planning an own method was developed based on project risk, agile methods and plan-driven methods. The resulting IDE was a prototype using the idea of Composite Based Groups and in that way increasing production and reuse. None of the components and their logic needed to be reimplemented in the IDE, because the mobile phone platform could be used instead. The commercial IDE became possible, with time, to become an application suit development and customization IDE. This was managed by extending what is included in customization and by making the IDE independent of component model, thus making it possible to design or translate programs in the same way regardless of component model.

Room: E:5119

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