Master Thesis Seminar: Development of Automated Testing Tools for Java MIDlets

Date: April 17, 2007 (Tuesday) at 14:15

Manfred Nilsson och Love Löfdahl presenterar sitt examensarbete inom automatiserad testning.

The goal was to develop a testing tool for automated tests of Java MIDlets
based on the Mobil Application Framework. Java MIDlets are Java applications
developed in Java 2 Micro Edition, a stripped version of the Java runtime environment, and Mobile Application Framework is a framework for developing MIDlets created by auSystems. To make the automated testing possible we created a testing framework. The framework is made up of a scripting language for describing the tests, a parser to pars the test scripts, an implementation of the OBEX protocol to transfer files to and from a mobile unit, a back end support for storing the test results in a database and a graphical user interface to let the user interact with the testing framework.

Room: E:5119

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