Master Thesis Seminar: Modeling Dependencies in Dynamic Software Configurations

Date: March 01, 2007 (Thursday) at 10:15

Vladimir Karadzic & Staffan Thörngren presents their master
thesis entitled "IModeling Dependencies in Dynamic Software Configurations".

If you want to take part in this exjobb-presentation then:
- send an email to, so Andreas
can register you as a guest
- show up at the entrance of Sony Ericsson, Nya Vattentornet no
later than 10.15 so Andreas can pick up all guests in one go

Abstract: Software producers are often forced to develop multiple
variants of complex software at a high release rate. These circumstances
put special requirements on the producers throughout the entire
development process, ranging from the design and architecture stage,
to the build of the delivered executables. One area that needs special
attention when developing a large number of variants, are the
dependencies between entities of the software. These dependencies
quickly becomes complex. Therefore, considerable efforts often need to
be put on acquiring a survey of the dependencies between software
components. This is required for the continued development at a constant
high rate.

When the software configuration are specified by configuration files
that select software components through definition of variables, an
overview of the dependencies can be acquired by analyzing these files.
A tool is described in this project that can be used to model and
analyze the dependencies, setting out from the configuration files.
Since the existing build tool already analyzes the dependencies of the
software that are built, the tool should be implemented very tightly
with it. The tool should model the parse flow of the build tool which is
the starting point of the procedure to discovering dependencies between
different parts of the software. This master thesis discusses why such a
tool is needed and how it can simplify the software development process.
A proof-of-concept prototype was also developed to verify the proposed

Examinator: Boris Magnusson
Supervisor: Lars Bendix

Room: Sony Ericsson, Nya Vattentornet

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