ARTIST Graduate Course on Embedded Control Systems

Date: May 07, 2007 (Monday) to May 11 (Friday)

The objective of the course is to provide an overview of the main principles and technologies for supporting the development of embedded control systems.

Intended Audience
The course is intended for PhD students and engineers with background in control engineering and/or real-time systems. No specific knowledge is required to understand the course, since all new concepts are explained and illustrated with concrete examples. In order to cater for the diversity in student background part of the first day is split in two parallel tracks.

The course is organized by the Control for Embedded Systems Cluster within the ARTIST2 Network of Excellence on Embedded System Design, with the participation of:
* Lund University (Karl-Erik Ĺrzén, Anton Cervin)
* Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Pedro Albertos, Alfons Crespo)
* Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm (Martin Törngren, Bengt Eriksson)
* Czech Technical University Prague (Zdenek Hanzalek) Ericsson (Bo Bernhardsson)
* Volvo (not yet confirmed)
* ABB Automation Technology (not yet confirmed)
* Dynasim (Hilding Elmqvist)

Room: Lund, Sweden


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