Master Thesis Seminar: Investigating and Integrating Passive IR Sensors with a Network Camera

Date: February 16, 2007 (Friday) at 15:30

Johan Gyllenspetz and Anders Johansson presents their master
thesis entitled "Investigating and Integrating Passive IR Sensors with a
Network Camera", carried out at Axis. Everyone interested is welcome.

In a surveillance camera there often exists vision motion detection, which
is based on the picture captured by the camera. It has been found that
vision motion detection is in some cases insufficient. Today, there exist
several commercial products that use passive IR (PIR) motion detectors to
detect human motion. PIR motion detectors have the benefit of being simple
and cheap. They also have the ability to easily filter shadows and light
variations as false alarms.

The main purpose is to integrate passive IR technology with a surveillance
camera. The focus is on the integration where price and added functionality
are important factors. In the design a pyroelectric sensor is used to detect
motion. The output from the sensor is filtered in an analog circuit and then
sampled with an A/D converter. Further, the sampled signal is transferred to
a camera where a DFT algorithm decides if there is motion in the
surveillance area.

The thesis presents a working prototype of a surveillance camera integrated
with passive IR technique used for motion detection.

Room: E:2116

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