LUCAS-rummet E:4130

Master Thesis Seminar: Implementing the PalCom protocol in an Axis network camera

Date: January 30, 2007 (Tuesday) at 13:15

Title: Implementing the PalCom protocol in an Axis network camera
By: Brice Jaglin and Boel Mattsson

PalCom is a research project whose goal is to integrate computation in our day-to-day life. It aims at improving the user experience by easing communication between electronic devices. A way to achieve this is to develop a flexible architecture that can facilitate interaction and communication between independent systems. A communication model is being designed within the PalCom project, and several PalCom-compliant emulated devices have already been developed within a Java implementation.

The AXIS 207W network camera is a commercial product used mainly for video surveillance. Thanks to its fully-documented API and its Linux embedded system, it is an open system, very suitable for developers to extend.

The thesis goal was to implement the PalCom protocol in the camera, in order to offer its existing features via the PalCom architecture. A prototype has been successfully developed in C, showing that it is possible to port the PalCom communication model into an embedded device. Keywords: PalCom, Palpable Computing, Axis, Implementation, C, Server.

Room: LUCAS-rummet E:4130


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