Master Thesis Seminar: Post Mortem Crash Analysis.

Date: January 25, 2007 (Thursday) at 13:15

Title: Post Mortem Crash Analysis.
By: Johan Heander och Magnus Malmborn at Axis

To improve the quality and reliability of embedded systems it is important to gather information about errors in units already sold and deployed. To achieve this, a system for transmitting error information from the customer back to the developers is needed, and the developers must also have a set of tools to analyze the error reports.
The purpose of this master thesis was to develop a fully functioning demonstration system for collection, transmission and interpretation of error reports from Axis network cameras using the Linux operating system.
The system has been shown to handle both kernel and application errors and conducts automatic analysis of received data. It also uses standard HTTP protocol for all network transfers making it easy to use even on firewalled networks.

Room: E:2405

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