Breakfast seminar: Palcom - Pervasive Computing

Date: April 25, 2007 (Wednesday) at 09:00

Speaker: Prof. Boris Magnusson, Department of Computer Science

The focus in Palcom in is on pervasive computing - when there are computers in almost everything, how do we put them together in new creative ways that were not planned in detail beforehand? Combining devices that were not made to fit, into systems that the creators of the devices had not imagined.

Palcom covers both the technical side, presenting a framework that make the ad-hoc combination of devices and services possible, and the human side of pervasive computing where Palpable stands for end-user involvement.

The talk will both present the key ideas developed in the project and include a short demo.

Palcom is a EU IST project in FP6.

Room: E:5119

URL: http://www.ist-palcom.org/

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