Master Thesis Seminar: Extensible C-frontend

Date: June 08, 2006 (Thursday) at 10:15

By: Isac Jin and Samuel Mebrahtu

Many companies in the industry have rules and conventions to how code
in a specific language is allowed to be written. These rules and conventions
could be enforced by extending the frontend of a compiler with an automated
analysis. However, extending existing frontends is usually resource demanding.

In this master thesis we construct a modular C frontend which is easy to
extend with different kinds of analyses. It parses a C-program and
performs name and type analysis. JastAdd II, a compiler construction
tool developed at Lund Institute Of Technology, is used as a construction
tool in this thesis.

A simple analysis, example taken from computer communications(OSI)
is implemented to verify the extensibility of our frontend. The extension
is implemented in a modular fashion. The most challenging parts of the
C language from Name analysis and Type analysis point of view are
implemented. Since the frontend is well modeled, just time is needed to
add the rest of the C language.

Room: E:1430

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