AI Seminar: The Open Robot Control Software project OROCOS

Date: June 15, 2006 (Thursday) at 10:00 to 12:00

By: Herman Bruyninckx, K.U.Leuven, Mechanical Eng., Mechatronics & Robotics Research Group

OROCOS is a Free Software project that works towards a completely free software framework for advanced sensor-based robot and machine tool control. Currently, the most mature component is the "realtime toolkit", which provides an abstraction layer on top of a realtime operating system and with which traditional robot control engineers should feel more at ease than with the bare RTOS primitives. The design of Orocos is based, to the largest extent possible, on the use of proven Software Patterns, and on the following design goals: (i) to decouple as much as possible all building blocks in the framework, and (ii) to postpone architectural decisions to as late as possible in the design of a robot application. Orocos currently runs on a normal Linux kernel and on the RTAI realtime extension. Applications include shared visual servoing and force control and multi-TCP motion control.

Room: E:2405 - Glasburen


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