Open seminar: Objects as Software Services: Toward a World without Releases

Date: June 05, 2006 (Monday) at 10:15

Speaker: Dr. Gilad Bracha, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems

With a background in dynamic object-oriented languages, Gilad Bracha now works at Sun. He is co-author of the Java Language Specification as well as of the Java Virtual Machine Specification. He is the specification lead for many JSR:s, including the work on generics and many other features added in Java 5, as well as newer JSRs like support for dynamically typed languages and improved modularity support. His homepage:

Software services seek to combine the advantages of traditional client applications and web services. Software services go beyond web services in supporting rich interaction when networks are slow, unreliable or nonexistent. At the same time, software services retain the advantages associated with web services: they are always available and always up to date. Software services have the potential to radically transform software development, as they enable a world without versions and releases. We discuss the advantages of dynamic object oriented language principles in facilitating the design of an object based platform for software services.

Room: LTH E:B

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