Master Thesis Seminar: Wireless communication at dialysis clinics

Date: March 27, 2006 (Monday) at 14:15

By: Arne Edholm

Gambro have for a long time used a serial cable as communication media between a computer and their dialysis machine when conducting service. As new communication technologies have emerged and matured, it has become interesting to take advantage of benefits these technologies brings. Wireless communication is of extra interest as it eliminates many of the limitations of using cables and is therefor the focus of this thesis.

The goal of this thesis is to examine which wireless technology is the most appropriate for the communication between a PC and a dialysis machine. A prototype will be set up demonstrating the possibilities the new communication technology brings. Within this thesis the appropriate wireless communication technology will be argued and decided. Requirements of the project will be established by conducting interviews with the people working with the dialysis machine. A commercially avaliable product using this wireless communication technology will be chosen. The software used when communicating with the dialysis machine will be adapted to the new possibilities brought by the new technology such as communication with many dialysis machines simultaneously and detecting dialysis machines within communication range.

The IEEE wireless communication standard 802.11b is found to be most appropriate. It has a long range, is commonly used and have the ability of using strong security and error detection. The wireless module Digi Connect Wi-ME, which uses the 802.11b standard, is recommended due to its fairly good price, small size and good security abilities.

Room: Gambro

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