Master Thesis Seminar: Om MIDI-spelare och -komponerare för mobiltelefoner

Date: January 13, 2005 (Thursday) at 13:15

By Fredrik och Marcus Olsson
This master thesis describes the design and implementation of the application
MPaC, a MIDI player and composer for mobile phones. It has been developed in
Teleca s framework Obigo. The application has two parts, a player that can
play, stop, pause, rewind and forward MIDI files, and a composer allowing the
user to create his own MIDI files. The composer is more advanced than those
currently available in mobile phones since it allows the user to create and
modify patterns. The composer also has support for SP-MIDI allowing the user
to set the priorities of the channels used by the MIDI file. This thesis
describes the main problem formulas, a design solution and its implementation
according to classic outline used when developing software. In the end, some
conclusions and thoughts of future work concludes this thesis.

Room: The Lucas-room (E:4130)

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