Open seminar: Fast Co-Design with Java

Date: September 29, 2004 (Wednesday) at 13:15

By: Dr. Flavius Gruian and Per Andersson

Today Java technology is becoming, due to the language features, an increasingly attractive implementation choice even in embedded systems. However, one of the main concerns remains the low performance of Java compared to the more classic C approaches. Although this problem is rather obvious for software JIT compilers, even AOT approaches suffer from a certain performance penalty, as do the Java optimised processors.
In this context, we introduce a co-design approach for generating application specific systems from Java specifications. Using automatically extracted hardware accelerators coupled with a micro-programmed Java processor (JOP) we attempt to achieve a significant increase in performance while keeping Java as a development language. Furthermore, our design flow requires only a few custom tools, while still taking advantage of typical compilers and synthesis tools. Our approach is mainly suited for systems-on-chip and/or FPGA centric embedded systems.

Room: LTH, The LUCAS-room (E:4130)

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