Master Thesis Seminar: Modular Interpretation of an Industrial Robot Language

Date: September 09, 2004 (Thursday) at 15:15

By: Lina Olsson and Karin Wanhainen

A robot language should enable the user of the robot to express the desired robot task in a convenient manner. To also support addition of added robot capabilities, for instance due to new ways of utilization of external sensor information, the user programming language of the robot also needs to be extended. Extensions need to be modular and reusable to support efficient usage in specific robot applications, without requiring reimplementation of the core language. The Master Thesis deals with constructing compilers in a modular manner using Java and the declarative compiler tool JastAdd-II, which is based of rewritable reference attributed grammars (ReRAGs).

A compiler and an interpreter for the ABB robot language RAPID was successfully implemented using the compiler tools. As a typical language extension, language support for expressing force-controlled motions was studied. In addition to the normal position specification, such motion statements must also express the contact force between the tool and the work-piece. The obtained modularity of the core language and the language extensions in the implemented prototype confirms the expected usability of ReRAGs and JastAdd-II for the implementation of robot languages.

Room: LTH E:2116

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