Master Thesis Seminar: An Architecture for the Integration of Wireless Internet Services

Date: June 25, 2004 (Friday) at 10:30

By: Laura Carvajal
Supervisor: Lars Bendix

A hotspot is a location where users can connect wirelessly to the
internet. It consists of an access point, an access point controller
application and a radius server to handle authentication. With this
basic set-up anyone can provide users with wireless internet access.

However, this service is currently very limited. This project aims at
allowing hotspot owners to provide many more services. Its main goal
is to determine the viability of a system architecture capable of
allowing authentication and accounting with a database, providing
management features via a web server application, integrating SMS
functionalities and supporting pre-paid as well as post-paid users.
The architecture to be designed should be flexible enough to integrate
new services in the future. It should also be scalable to allow parts
of the prototype produced in this work to be later used in a
commercial product.

The final architecture design soundly integrates all the hotspot
components together with the web server application and the database,
providing hotspot owners with new, innovative services. It is a design
that works in a prototype environment but load analyses indicate that
the prototype can become a larger commercial product after some minor

Room: Mondru, Ole Römers Väg 12

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