Master Thesis seminar: A program to generate 3D animated graphics of car accidents from an XML template

Date: June 17, 2004 (Thursday) at 10:00

By David Williams

CarSim is a text-to-scene converter. A text-to-scene converter is a program
which reads a text and, by analyzing it, generates an image or 3D scene
representing the objects and/or actions described in the text. CarSim is
designed to do just this, and more specifically to do it for traffic accident
reports. The program itself can be divided into two separat modules, one
linguistic module which analyzes the text and one graphical module which
generates the 3d scene.

CarSim has been expanded several time since the project started to incorporate
more languages and a wider range of reports. Therefore, the intermediate
representation of data has changed and thus a new graphical module was needed.
The goal of this master thesis was to produce this new graphical module.

Room: LUCAS-room (E:4130)

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