Master Thesis Seminar: Distributed Unit Testing in Embedded System

Date: June 04, 2004 (Friday) at 13:15

By Fredrik Brozén

When developing complex computer programs it is essential to verify that the software created behaves as it is expected to do. An efficient way to accomplish this goal is to let the programmer compose test cases containing combinations of input and expected output from secluded units of the program source code. To process a suite of such unit tests, both program and test code must be transformed to a machine readable format, enabling each test case executing, to call the program function it is expected to verify. In this thesis, the possibility of unit testing software at an embedded computer system is studied. Such a computer usually supplies limited hardware performance and visual output resources, which makes it unsuitable both for source code programming and for presentation of test results. The approach used is to distribute tests from an external desktop host computer, execute the test code at the embedded target and transfer the results back to the host for visualization. The report describes design and implementation of a test tool aimed for a Linux host computer communicating with an embedded target using a serial data connection.

Room: LUCAS-rummet (E4130)

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