Master Thesis Seminar: Improving and documenting a framework for Anoto applications Softronic.Anoto

Date: May 27, 2004 (Thursday) at 10:15

By Daniel Terborn

Softronic is a company that provides Anoto solutions. The Anoto technology is a new and exciting technology that lets the user create digital information by using pen and paper.
Since most Anoto applications share many similar tasks, it was quickly obvious that creating a framework for managing the typical tasks of any Anoto application would be a good idea.
The framework, called Softronic.Anoto, was developed to meet the current customer requirements. It let Softronic quickly create new applications without the bugs most newly developed applications are riddled with.
As a basis for developing the framework, Softronic had two real customer cases, which happened to be quite different from each other. This helped in creating a dynamic framework, able to handle a variety of different Anoto applications.
Version 2 of the framework added much functionality but also made the framework more complex. Documentation was sorely needed. Usage documentation for the Softronic.Anoto created in this document using a real-world example as basis. The architecture and design decisions of the framework are described using a pattern-language technique.

Room: LUCAS-room (E:4130)

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