Master thesis seminar: Integrering av Java i en komponentbaserad plattform för mobiltelefoner

Date: May 27, 2004 (Thursday) at 10:45


The successful crusade of Java technology continues to spread across the
world. It has today reached a point where Java is a keyword in
advertisements of cell phones, even though the use of Java actually is
very limited. The mobile phone producers, like Sony Ericsson, have come to
realize the benefits of using Java technology in the software systems in
their phones. Today the use is restricted to top level applications such
as games. All software deeper down in the system is currently developed
using the C language. But if Java could be successfully integrated with
the component architecture used in the system, then the whole underlying
platform would be exposed to the Java environment and Java could also be
used to build system components.

This thesis is divided into two subprojects which conceptually are very
closely related. The goal of the first part is to integrate Java with the
interface of the underlying platform, in the sense that all platform
resources shall be exposed to the Java system. Since all new components
lying on top of the platform are designed using the same architectural
component standard as the platform interface, those resources will
automatically also be exposed as a bonus. The goal of the second part is
to find a way extend the system with components implemented in Java. This
means that some native binding to connect Java with the low level
component architecture has to be invented.

By evolving the results of a previous project related to part one a
generic and extendable model has been created. The model describes how to
design a layer of Java code that maps to the system resources and use them
via a thin layer of native code. A great advantage is that the Java layer,
that is quite extensive, can be automatically generated. Luckily large
parts of the model designed in part one of the theses can be applied also
in part two. It has been shown that it's possible to develop Java
components that interact with other system resources in a transparent way.

Room: Pallas på Ideon alfa-2

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