DSOL - a flexible open source environment for simulation in Java

Date: March 12, 2004 (Friday) at 13:15

Presenter: Bengt Ljungquist
A lot of effort is usually spent during the development of detailed simulation models and tools. Introducing reuse on different levels may reduce the development time spent during the elaboration of these. DSOL (Distributed Simulation Object Library) is an open source framework, initiated and maintained by the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. It provides a set of Java classes implementing generalized components that can be used to easily build discrete event simulation models. The architecture of DSOL is adhering to a layered architectural pattern approach in order to structure the implementation. This pattern facilitates reuse for both core classes as well as for any extensions by defining a clear responsibility structure among the different layers. Reuse is also further facilitated by the fact that DSOL is open source software, allowing reuse at a code level as well as on a component level for the simulation software.

Room: LTH, E:5119

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