Master Thesis Seminar: Real-time Java in Linux kernel

Date: April 16, 2004 (Friday) at 10:45

By: Robert Alm (E99) och Henrik Henriksson (E99)

The interest of using the Java programming language in real-time embedded
systems is rapidly growing. Java is a safe, object-oriented and
industrially accepted language that is easy to use and it promotes
portable software. The freely available Real-Time Application Interface,
RTAI, gives the possibility to run hard real-time, low latency tasks in
Linux. A translator called Java2C that translates Java-code into native
C-code has been developed in an earlier project at the department. This
work improves the Java2C translator with a port for compiled hard
real-time Java in Linux kernel in general, and provides a dedicated
implementation for the AXIS ETRAX 100LX computer hardware. Fully working
prototypes show that it is possible to run compiled hard realtime Java in
Linux kernel using this implementation. The implementation takes full use
of the Garbage Collector developed at the department which is crucial for
memory e ciency. A case study indicates that it is possible to run various
intelligent distributed sensors with compiled real-time Java such as ETRAX
based network cameras.

Room: LUCAS-rummer E:4130

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