Supervised Master's theses

Seif al-Shakargi:
Investigating Continuous Delivery as a Self-Service,
summary, report, February 2019.


Continuous Delivery has today become an essential part of software development for a reliable and automated quality assurance process. However, the challenge of introducing CD starts with setting up a CD pipeline and providing the necessary infrastructure for it, which may take a considerable amount of time and require expertise knowledge. This complex and costly implementation will also require maintenance once in use.
The expertise required for CD is not always available in smaller teams making the QA process suffer. That is why this master thesis has researched how software development teams can setup and maintain CD without needing expertise with a Self-Service. By look into usability, maintainability and cost aspect, a requirement specification for a Minimum Viable Product was set by taking these aspects into account. A proof-of-concept sketch of a service was drawn up and validated with a small team by testing Software as a Service tools.

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