Supervised Master's theses

Carl Orvinder:
Business Process in Execution - En investeringsbedömning av Business Process Execution Language med Business Process Management Notation,
summary, report, October 2009.


Most business processes and business events are today connected, supported or preformed by IT-systems. Therefore it's of growing importance that the systems are agile and responsive to changes in business environment. To succeed companies have to create agile software by using loosed coupled services, align their systems with the processes and manage the gap between IT and business. By using web services we can care for the first aspect, though web services offers architecture with loosed coupled services. The web service standard Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) offers a solution to the second aspect. BPEL is a programming language developed by IBM, BEA and Microsoft, supported by all of the bigger companies in the industry, and a part of the OASIS standard family. It's designed to specify the interactions between web services, implementing the business process. The third aspect could be managed by BPEL's connection to the business process mapping notation Business Process Management Notation (BPMN).

This thesis investigates if and how BPEL, together with BPMN, could solve and meet these challenges. The investigation is done from an investment perspective. The main conclusion is that an investment in the technology today, in general, is a bad idea.

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