Supervised Master's theses

Jonathan Klingberg:
Piping for Continuous Delivery,
summary, report, August 2015.


Many companies are transforming their development process by leaving an old-fashioned one, like the waterfall model, behind and instead aiming to become more agile. With this comes the need to have short release cycles to be able to get feedback faster. The name Continuous Delivery has emerged from the agile community and it defines the principle of frequent deliveries in a highly automated manner. This case-study is based on a company which delivery process fails to keep up with the clients need for rapid upgrades. By localizing the main barriers in today's process and discussing how Continuous Delivery-principles can be used to address these problems, we will end up in an alternative release management process which is more rapid and further also lives up to the clients needs. By creating a prototype of an improved delivery pipeline this can be used as a proof of concept before implemented at scale.

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